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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Are you still out there?

You would think after looking at the last post on this blog that I have neglected it, and you would be right. Good Grief!
So many things to do and not enough time to do it in. Now let's see what was I doing the last time I was on here? Oh yes, making the cord for Romanian point lace. I really enjoyed doing this. I have the cord made and now need to sew it to the pattern. I have yards of it! The larger crochet thread was easy to learn on then I decided to move on down to size 20 and crochet hook size 12. I used to love to crochet but had to stop a few years back because it hurt my thumb. A good friend who knits said work for about 5 mins then rest 2 mins. I can say this really does work. I find it gives my hand enough time to loosen up before beginning again. So as soon as I have the cord sewn to the pattern I will be able to scan it and show you.
All this time away does not mean I have not been tatting. I've been working on items all summer. Here is a necklace that I made using Lizbeth thread, silver beads and raw turquoise.
I hope to post some more pictures soon but I must be off to bed. Big day tomorrow at work so need to get plenty of rest. If you are still out there thanks for stopping by! DML

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