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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rose Variations and introducing the Panera Bread Tatters

Here are some variations on a theme I've worked on recently.  Sounds like music doesn't it?  Found these lovely rose connectors at the store the other day.  Thought I should make a pendant or set of earrings so started playing with some ideas.  What do you think?  I like them both for different reasons.  I may try thread size 10 and see what results I get with that as well.  The longer one measures two inches and the shorter about 1 1/2 inches. The longer one would definitely make a statement and the shorter would do for everyday wear.  May add a jump ring and bead to the bottom of the shorter one and see if I like it.  These are just a workup so thinking it may need some beads now. 

Over the last few months I have been keeping busy, working, getting ready for Christmas and oh teaching too! I would like to introduce the ladies. I am calling us the Panera Bread Tatters! Members- Sandy, Marlene, Winnie (Marlene's MIL), Judy and Chris. Yes, as you have guessed we meet at Panera bread once a month. Tatting is on their "bucket list" of items they would like to accomplish. These ladies are doing great. All began with the shuttle, slow going for most except for Chris. I keep asking her if she has tatted before. The first day I showed her the ds and off she went like she had been tatting for years. We had to take a little break for the holiday so I encourage everyone to take a look at 25 Motif and other sites as well as tutorials on UTube while we were on break. Sandy decided that needle tatting was better for her and has gotten Judy hooked as well. Both made several bookmarks for Christmas presents and had some for show and tell. Judy is still determined to do shuttle but is taking a break and enjoying needle. Marlene had some trouble with the shuttle so Judy showed her needle which is working very well for her now. Chris came to class with beautiful necklaces to show us! She has really done well with the shuttle and is already doing split rings! She also bought some books over the holiday, one of which I almost stole from her, Marilee's (Annie's Attic) book. So I came home went on Etsy and bought my own. Love, love, love her designs! I am going to have to start learning new techniques so I can keep ahead of Chris (wink wink). Winnie also tried her hand at needle tatting as well! She is an avid knitter and always brings that to work on during our meetings so I was so thrilled to see she wanted to try needle. She did great! So we'll try a little bit each time. Maybe she will teach me to knit! I can do basic but would like to do knitted lace! These ladies are such a nice group and I am so happy that they are having fun.

Panera Bread Tatters Counter-clockwise- Sandy, Marlene, Judy, Winnie and Chris

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Linda Parulis said...

In what part of Virginia are you located? I ask this because I'm in MD and I'm self taught which only gets me so far. Getting a live demonstration of some of the techniques would be invaluable!