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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Downton Abbey Revisited

Season 3 of Downton is coming January 6th on our PBS channel, can hardly wait! 
I found this finding at Hobby Lobby a few months ago and decided it would make a great piece as a necklace.  Since it already had the jet beads I decided to carry it through the motif.  I think next time I will use larger seed beads as they seemed a little small once I finished it.  I'm pretty please with it overall.  One of the movie theatres here is going to have a showing of part one of season 3 and all are encouraged to dress accordingly so I think this necklace will be appropriate.  I'm calling this one Downton Revisited. 


Sally Kerson said...

The necklace looks very sophisticated just right for Dowton Abbey. Series 3 starts off a bit slow but after a few episodes it really is great, but get out you hanky.

Corina said...

Lovely necklace, very elegant!