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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! May this year bring you much happiness and good fortune!

Here's a little story that you might have a laugh over. New Year's Eve the company I am working for let us leave early to begin our celebrating. I decided to run over to JoAnn's fabric store (yes this is how I began my celebrating and I knew I would need something to work on to keep me awake until the ungodly hour of midnight awaiting the dropping of the ball in Times Square). I thought I had a coupon for this week's sale but alas I had left it on the kitchen counter with all my others. I decided to go anyway knowing they had jewelry making supplies on sale and I needed a few more. I got to the store thinking I was going to be the only crazy person in there but found it was quite busy. What a great sign for our economy! After my perusal of the various jewelry supplies and finding some good deals, something kept drawing me back to the yarn and crochet aisles. I need a skein winder but really thought "No I don't think they carry these in the store but I'll look anyway." Finding none and not really surprised about it I decided to look around to see if they had any DMC thread or anything for tatting. I have basically given up finding good thread and therefore have been dyeing my own hence the search for the skein winder. I got to the last aisle turn the corner thinking its time to go and thinking "you know there is nothing good on this aisle anyway why torture yourself by walking past that bad thread!" Suddenly without warning my eyes fall upon the end cap, and hanging there as if they had been there the entire time, a display of .....
I thought please someone be near to catch me as I fall out on the floor from shock! I stood there for a full ten minutes wondering if I were dreaming. It was in fact the very same thread from Handy Hands hanging right there. They only had 12 colors, but a wonderful 12 colors they turned out to be! They had Caribbean Blue, Jelly Bean, and two other variegated plus some solids. How many balls to buy???
Well I bought about ten. Why, one would wonder? Because if you don't and that thread just sits there they may not bring it back and that my friends would be a real shame!
Plus it happened to be on sale (hehehehe). Oh and I am hoping that if they notice the sale that other colors may be ordered. Actually all kidding aside I need the colors as I have plans for them and not much time to dye my own at the present (I know what a good excuse!). I am and was one really happy lady. That night I came home and had decided that I was going to work on things. My man friend was going to come over but we both decided that staying in and not getting out on the roads was the best thing to do and we would see each other the next day. So there I was sitting in my bed propped up by a mound of pillows surrounded by all my new thread and me fast asleep as the ball dropped in Times Square. ; - )

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Carol Lawecki said...

ooohhh weeee I hope all the JoAnn Fabrics start carrying this thread. That would be awesome! Thanks for the news and I'll keep my eye out at JoAnn's in PA.

Happy New Year!