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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Shuttle Collection

Sorry these are not in order as you read them but I could not get Blogger to take more than one picture at a time. You might want to start at the beginning(at the bottom) or at the top which ever you prefer.
Finally the last one or the first one depending on how you choose to read this blog! (LOL)
These shuttles are very unique. They are all hand made by unknown artist (everyday people). Some are treenware. This type of wood was used to make quite a few souvenir sewing tools. These however are very rugged and were probably made by the tatter or their husband. In the centers you can see carving marks. These have a really great patina to them as well.
The shuttle on the top left is made of some kind of horn. It has square nails that hold it together and the points don't touch. It is more like a knotting shuttle. I think this one is extremely old. Unfortunately some insects got to it and began eating the center through. This was before I owned it. It has been cleaned of its mites and is now doing much better. The very large shuttle on the bottom is interesting as well. It is held together by three nails (very old nails) and its center is a hand carved post but when they put it together they didn't quite place the post in the very center which made the shuttle wobble. They added a third nail to fix it so when you look in you see the post and this nail. I don't know why but everytime I look at it I think yep that would have happened to me to if I made one. I think this shuttle must have been loved because you can feel where the person held it and you can see the worn places. It's really something else.

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TattingChic said...

What precious old shuttles! Don't you ever wonder about the stories they could tell about the person that tatted with them! :)