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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Shuttle Collection

Next are some very interesting shuttles. The top shuttle is also from Canton China but it is a smaller version with not very much carving. I believe this one to be from the 1700's as well.
The bone shuttle in the center is also from China but the center is wide enough for it to be wound with a decent amount of thread. This probably younger than 1700's for this reason. I found this one when I was out at an antique show and it was in with some other bone items (that is what they sold) and let's just say they didn't know what they had. Yippeeeee for me!
The bottom shuttle was made around 1868. It has a brass bobbin in the center and originally had a bone and brass crank winder that attached to the center hole to crank the thread onto the bobbin. You can see a full version in Heidi Nakayama's book. Wish I had the crank! I found this shuttle at an antique show and I when I saw it I thought " What a strange shuttle. How do you get the thread on it maybe slide out the bobbin?" I brought it home and searched through my shuttle books and I am surprised they didn't hear the exclamations of joy on the other side of the world when I saw the picture in Heidi's book.

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TattingChic said...

Lucky, lucky you to have that GORGEOUS shuttle in the middle! I would love something like that! I love the way you've displayed it on the hanky with the tatted edging! So beautiful! :)